Refund Policy

We have a clear policy on cancellations and refunds to provide our clients with the greatest quality and service possible.

A comprehensive discovery/analysis and developing a scope of work document are the first steps in any project. It ensures that everyone knows what must be done to prevent project cancellations, reversals, or disputes.

There are no reimbursements for work already done because achieving each objective takes time. In the case of a mutual termination, all finished work becomes the client's property, and any payments made for additional work are invalid. Previous payments or deposits are not refundable. No cash will be reimbursed once the client accepts mock-up drawings and the project enters development.

There are no prorated refunds for project phases that have already begun. For services our marketing team has provided on special occasions, cancellations are not accepted. These deals have a set expiration date and cannot be canceled.

Packages for web/app services are non-refundable, although a documented cancellation request received 30 days before the scheduled start date is accepted. More than 30 days after being abandoned or parked, a deposit or payment cannot be reimbursed.

Within seven days of making their initial payment, the customer will get a refund if they decide not to move through with the project.


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